Ever since I was young I have had vivid dreams. Many of them are complete worlds of their own. They have served as a source as a source of inspiration for me and many times… they have served as warnings about things I wasn’t aware of.

Dreams can put into pictures feelings and intuition that is otherwise murky in waking life. It is without question to me that God speaks within dreams. I feel that we should pay more attention to them than we often do.

They can show a pending horror ahead of us if we should we keep going on a course of action, and they can even show a blessing ahead of time. God likes giving hints like this.

Dreams can force us to face things that we don’t want to face. Sometimes in my life when I was continually making a choice to do something that most of me didn’t feel right about doing, I had persistent warning dreams, and the further along in that course of action I went the more terrifying they became.

Thankfully, it’s the case that I haven’t done anything where I’ve gone too far beyond the point of return regarding the subjects these dreams were warning me about. I thank God for them, I used to look at them as curses, but now I look at them as his blessing.

Now, with all of that said, I am looking at a part of myself in more detail than I used too. My own dreams. These dreams I feel were shot down by people in the past, but the truth is they were shot down by myself, more or less understandably using people as reasons not to pursue them, or listen to them.

This is life, and life will not cease as long as we are here to give us gut shots and knock the juice out of us.

Are we going to stay there? Are we going to say “I will do it” or “I will try”, and post date that till tomorrow and then tomorrow and then another damn tomorrow?

Our dreams wait for us to listen to them. They often are held by the child part of us. Very often though — to touch those dreams, and to see them clearly for what they are, we have to face the pain of the part that holds them.

“You’re not good enough” means your dreams are not good enough to you. “You should do something else” means you shouldn’t do what you dream, and any other number of things that people say to tell you that they think what you want or what you dream about isn’t worth shit.

They aren’t worth anything yet, for are they real in the world yet? Yes, they have an intrinsic value to you, but if all they do is stay there, in the heart chest of wants and desires long forgotten… they are not as worthy as they could be.

The world could shatter them, test them, and maybe you will have to tweak something or let them go all together to make space for new ones yet….

To stop dreaming is a fools errand. Dreams can arise from sense, a sense of the better, or they can be completely senseless for our own pleasure. The point is if they are a sun or a moon of hope to us, they deserve the light of day. They deserve us giving them the chance to bear fruit and prosper.

The world in Christ and God himself holds the dreams of our hearts preciously close. It’s the bitter dreamers and the broken-hearted of the world that often crush our dreams by words and deeds because it makes them feel a twinge of the flame that they once had.

Screw them though.

If they won’t face their pain that is their business. It’s not your job in life to make other people avoid pain they do not want to face. It is your job and your duty to yourself to face your own pain, to think about how it could play out in the long run, if you let it rule your decisions and everything else, and make changes in striving to go higher.

If you think about what you do not want to become in the fullest detail that can sometimes do better than positive encouragements. This is known as negative reinforcement.

It is more than okay to know what you don’t want to be, but dust off your butt and put some freaking energy into knocking on doors, and thinking about what the hell you do want.

God believes in US, he believes in you, and he believes in our dreams. He will straighten out our paths if we listen to his inner voice within and always strive towards the good, a good that includes ourselves and others.

Will you dream?

I’ll let you answer that question.


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