In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and was God. No darkness could comprehend him, understand him, and the like. He pierced through preconceived notions of righteousness and law, and lived a life where he authored a new way of being, or rather revealed a way that always was, just like him.

The way of grace and love, hope and faith, virtue, and growth. Creating constantly a new thing, and yet being ever faithful to tending the things that he had already made, he decides to spend a morning moment with you in your dreams.

I know he does with me more often than I notice.

In these little moments, clarity can be felt and found, light can be finally seen and darkness can be cleansed away. Other times in the morning twilight darkness can be seen for what it is. Distorted monsters that take on alien forms that almost defy description. Connections to trauma and painful memories can come clear again after decades of suppression.

Sometimes in the twilight of the morning his presence in our dreams doesn’t always feel like a good thing, but to deal with a wound sometimes we must feel the pain of him healing it.

Him healing the subconscious hurts we carry that is.  I have always done my best to deal with mine, but in the past my tools were much more primitive, and the results did show in silence.

Thankfully now this has changed greatly, since I now trust the messages of the morning, whether they are of joyful light, or terror made clear.

The twilight space of our minds and beings is a battleground that in wisdom we should not ignore. We are not to be ignorant of the world’s and the devil’s schemes against our peace and wellness.

I have learned the hard way that no one is helped from ignoring the duty to cultivate peace and wellness in the inner self. No one is helped by you hiding from your self.

To live in the twilight space where God dances in our dreams, we have to be there (in self) and pay attention.

And please for all that is holy, don’t let another person try to live their hated self through you. This is a huge part of many forms of emotional and psychological abuse.

You can trust yourself in the twilight of your heart and mind. You may have to face God, and a ratty self that you long ignored, but the result of the process is you will deal with demons, and welcome angels in your midst.

We can then find beauty in the midst of our pain. It’s not that our pain becomes beautiful most of the time; rather it is because we see the beauty that we thought we lost more clearly.

It was always there, waiting to be found in the inner morning twilight with God.

To deal with, grow, and change in the dance of the light for its blessings?

That is a price that I will gladly pay.

Will I find you in the twilight? Blessings.

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