Hey there. I’m Aaron.

Welcome to my blog. It is my first. I hope it becomes a blessing to you as it becomes filled with things that have helped my heart and mind over time.

Where to start about myself?

Let’s see.

For a long while, I have wanted to share things I have learned about living a more peaceful life. Peace as in a serene soul, a gentle spirit, and a clear mind.

I feel it is time to begin that journey, as rudimentary as it may be as it starts out.

What I look like for the curious. =)

I’ve known for a long time that I have a different sense of things, and I am able to take apart tricky concepts to make them more explainable.

I’m always looking into various subjects out of curiosity.

Some of them are practical, and some of them are arcane by most modern standards (staying up till 3 A.M. checking out if there is a del diaeresis symbol for the APL programming language?)

Practical sorcery lol.

So I thought, with some inner prompting, that I could do something useful by iterating things on faith.

A faith that has carried me, changed my hardened heart and brought healing and clarity.

Yes… I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit like many do, yet I had to learn that I could listen to the voice inside my heart that God isn’t hell and brimstone. He is love and truth alone.

I am just one person among billions that can write words on a page, yet I pray that I can humbly inscribe the heart of my Heavenly Father well, with a dash of humor here and there. =)

I like to write on the themes that I have been fortunate to learn from many good writers, in the vein of theology from the early church.

I hope that telling them can bless people, as they have blessed me.

They are kinder, more inclusive, and gentler than that which a large number of war-torn hearts has heard about God, and his Cross.

At any rate. If these words can help you find a better “Why?” for yourself, and your life. I am happy knowing that.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading.


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