The Captain


Have you ever felt like your life was going off course, and you were being carried by currents or waves beyond your control?

I have no doubt. It is part of the human experience to face and be involved with things in which we have no direct control.

Control is as a fleeting illusion. The very body we abide in and have a say over in our movements, words, and others, is as a sea filled with interactions and reactions that we have no way of controlling fully.

The soul of the self sits within the very kind of system that we sometimes try to control in life, yet fail to fully.

Waves, regardless if they are of water, energy, or vibes from loved ones. — we ride on them constantly.

Yet… we can by being an eternal student of sailing these waves, sometimes literally, become more of a master of how we go about them.

Can anyone call himself a master of his life in truth? Regardless of how wise, aware or effective we are with what we can stir or control with the power we are given in a domain?

I feel that the answer is no, and yet….

I know of a Captain who is of renown; ancient of days, and also an accomplished author and finisher of the works he sets in motion. A true master of the seas.

He has sailed through the storms of hell, and rescued the captives that were held there since Adam.

He overcame the cannon fire of the ships that were controlled by the ghouls of fear and death.

By brilliant light he tore their offenses asunder and came back to the land of the living by the Holy Spirit, and the word of his Father.

His name is Jesus. A friend of mine like none other.

A captain… the Captain if there ever was one.

When we are inundated with the possibilities of what we could do with our lives, and what to do in our hearts. We can feel like we are drowning. It feels almost impossible to stay calm and not thrash about in those circumstances.

I understand. I deal with this too.

It used to take over me to be honest, but thankfully with trying different approaches with great initial difficulty, support of dear friends and my beloved, and therapy, I will say the tide is changing. Thank God.

You can learn to be more still. You can learn to ground yourself in tricky moments. You can become aware of what’s going on inside your heart and better navigate and more healthfully cope with the storms that will come faithfully in this life.

We cannot escape the fact in life there will be choppy seas and waves that will make us go for a ride and a half….


We can escape and learn to trust the one who is the anchor of our faith, the author thereof, and the firm mast of the boat we travel through the river of life through. The Captain himself.

It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God as it is said in the book of Hebrews. There is no evil in him to fear. I feel it is the magnitude of his power and his love that is terrifying.

How can one have that much power, and yet be that good and loving? This is what I picture people who see him in his courts face.

Our captain is a miracle in his own right. Not merely his feats of power and rescue, but his nature is beyond our control and comprehension.

Working miracles even now, in the world and inside our hearts. May we remember our King and Captain, Christ Jesus. The love of God incarnate, with the power to transcend all earthly limitations, defeat all strongholds, and perform incredible rescues.

His power is made evident in how he pilots the ships of our lives in the waves of chaos. He transcends our own natures and transforms us over time in to being like himself.

Filling us with seas of love and goodness.

The lover God, transforming the bitterness and fear we hold onto into gladness and peace.

Our captain shows himself strong amid our weaknesses, in the midst of us floundering about in the waves and seas. Yet, when we hold to him as the anchor, and trust him as the Captain of our faith and lives… we will rise above. We will overcome. Even if not in the way we expect, we will overcome.

This is the promise of the Captain. We will make it through. We will overcome. We shall not be in want, for He will sail, he will do his great deeds in the place of our surrender.

How much more terrifyingly good must it be to fall into the hands of the Great Captain, only to find relieve and rest for our souls rather than judgement and sentence?

It’s a journey that I am taking and I am finding out.

I pray that you will too.


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