Self (poem if you will)

Who are you??

I know I cast you out long ago.
I thought that you were the problem.

Now you are the mystery of the century.
I yet want. This much is true.

In spite of that… who are you?

You ebb and flow in all of my members.
And yet you are such a stranger.

I perhaps am still afraid of you.

Even though I know that you are no monster.
You have faced the monsters that I have faced.

And I have treated you unfairly.
I made you out to be the problem.

But the truth is this.

You are a part of the solution.

Only you know and contain the things about myself that I have forgotten.

I made you out to be the monster in the times of my inner and outer torment.
But you only wanted to be loved and received.

That is no crime at all.

What was done to you by me was a serious travesty.

I am sorry.

I want to know you more and I don’t want to waste more time avoiding you.

It has been far too long anyway.

Please help me know you.

You are safe here.

God loves you.

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