Wonder. Awe. Inspiration.

Being gobsmacked in amazement.

Whatever you want to call it… it isn’t uncommon to have a taste of infinity in those moments.

It can be like the stars of the heavens smile down on you, and though you feel small in their presence – they feel glad to have your attention and admiration.

Personally… I am glad to know (on faith) that God feels that way for me, all people, and all of the world.

It honestly can be hard though to see how he could have said “it is very good” sometimes.

You don’t have to look far to find examples of evil.

But wonder?

Feels like finding a jackalope.

I speak honestly here. My perspective hasn’t been the best with this at all.

I feel that to feel wonder you have to let the child within smile.

Even coo with excitement at the sky of good possibilities.

I wonder if Jesus ever felt the feeling of getting a glimpse… even though he was getting the full view for an eternity before he was here.

He was yet as we are.



Perhaps even cold.

I wonder if the Father and Spirit had a sense of wonder… looking down upon their son as he lay in the manger or snuggled up against Mary.

Whatever the case may be – this remains so.

He is Emmanual.

God with us.

All of heaven rested in the soul and existence of that promised child long ago.

Joseph, Mary, and all who cast their eyes upon him glimpsed at eternity….

It was humble.

It was open.

And it was before them.

This season… remember to gaze above and below.

There is hope.

There is peace available.

They can be glimpsed.

They can be held within the heart.

In the full wonder of God… who is fully human, and fully God.

Jesus Christ.

He is the glimpse of Heaven.

Happy Holidays, and many blessings.


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