This was written in a time that COVID was still hitting hard. I feel that it still has something important to say. It also came from a time of serious reflection, and it was from a place of pain. I hope it speaks something to you.

It has been difficult to rest for me at times in my life. I often have had to keep going on with tasks, and the usual.

I’ve never seen so many people seemingly drop out before from living.

And I am not harping on them.

For years, people in my age group (but not limited to them) have felt societal pressures to perform; have had traumas and hardships that have seemed or were not addressable, and for the longest time we have faced a world where it’s laws and money are coded into being by people far removed from the notion of work and money.

Leave the fates of the many to the bilge rats of evil… yeah sure.

Doesn’t work out that well in the course of history.

And then you have the pandemic. Perhaps… it a litmus test of the will, or maybe not.

I can say that the whole dynamic has been the trial of the century so far. I will give it that.

That being said. The consequences of it have shown things that have been brewing for a long time.

Much of those things being the fault of past generations, and the weights they have put on their children.

Much of those things being caused by people that only care about themselves and winning at the game of money.

When does a dollar have more value than a soul… especially in the midst of much abundance?

In the heart of snakes, and scorners.

I digress.

We are exhausted. We are spent. Our souls are dry, and yet… a great many still desires to see the fruit from fulfilling the demands of what others taught us was right.

They were wrong. Perhaps not in principle, but certainly in practice.

In trying to fulfill those things, we just keep getting more and more exhausted.

Chasing a career and losing out on the time to actually have a family?

Curse it to an eternal hell.

Living in a world that looks upon the “successful” as gods we need to emulate?

They too have many skeletons in their closets. Sometimes with flesh still on the bones.

Curse that to an eternal hell.

Strive strive strive… and you will win.


A vision is needed. A hope is necessary. A faith that isn’t horrifically blind is what matters. And a love that respects another person is chief king above all these.

If we as a nation and a world forget to see that. If we forget that what matters is the person next to you, family, and vibrant life (God) well….

It is no wonder that we are destroying ourselves, present children, and future children.

Enough with the mantra of “stay in school and get a good career!” if that is only said because of making them look well on their parents.

Take the false makeup off of your own aged faces and face YOUR music.

Enough with the mantra of “Hustle and Grind.”

Just so you can have others do work for you?

Look at the ant and see how it tarries before the winters come and how they have food for the season.

Being rich was never meant to be an excuse for being lazy to the world.

Want to make a difference?

Rest, and work to help others rest.


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