Two Paths

John Donne said something that has come to my mind quite a few times, and it is something we take for granted today I feel.

“No man is an island.”

Today… we exalt the individual as God. Where human choice and will are celebrated, even when individual and collective choices are not held in respectful restraint for the sake of others.

Hive minded indeed.

“There are many, but we are one!” I can just hear them shouting in glee and ecstasy.

Legion said something similar.

Such souls cry, “We will figure it out!” And, “We have been oppressed… now it is our turn to take power! Carpe Diem!”

This is an absolutely foolish attitude to have, and it is incredibly Roman in my eyes. Destruction is no virtue, and fear when it is obeyed with crazy hedonistic abandon isn’t either.

“We must find ourselves! We must expand our boundaries!”

I’m old enough to know now that that means, “Screw what others say, I’ll do it anyway!” It saddens me. Very seldom is there the legitimate excuse to go “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” when it comes to how we should treat one another, and the world in turn.


No one can possibly start a truly new life or culture, and bring about change, with the same old mindset. It isn’t change such people truly want. It is CHAOS… with all of the frenetic heat and unpredictable air of it. They desire to feel excitement and novelty — rather than feeling like they are doing the noble thing — to avoid the holes in their hearts. Sadly; however, they will only avoid them for so long before they surely trip right into them.

They shall find themselves in an empty place, and it won’t be the torpedoes that damned them; rather, it shall be themselves.

“We are explorers of the unknown! *A smirk appears*. We shall journey, and we will find our place in the world!”

No road by itself leads to self-discovery, for even a blind man can walk down a path better than one with sight, for he feels the ground, and oddly enough in doing that — he doesn’t walk blindly, though the people beside him that see do.

“We must do this alone. We must revel in independence! All for one!”

That’s a bloody exception, not a rule to the universe, for often that means “I don’t want anyone in heaven or hell to oppose my will.”

I say this as a warning to the tempted — you shall revel in the hell of your own making, and it shall be master over you. In the very moment you think you have control — you shall witness powers above and below you that are beyond your comprehension. You shall see that they have been playing you all along. As a bound puppet on a string… being pulled into the trap that was always waiting for you.

I pray for grace and mercy upon such souls.

“There is no place for anyone who opposes us!”

Indeed, for the soul that says this stands in its own way, as it harbors selfish pride, and ensures its ruin.

I know all of this is different from my usual style and approach. I have had a lot on my mind lately. From the protests and general maelstrom of confusion, to examples I have faced personally — I see that such people have been in center view, and to a point praised. This pierces my heart. Many are proud and reckless; yet so insecure that they need their own faceless comrades to puff up their sensitive egos constantly, in order that they needn’t think about how pathetic they are to themselves. It is terrible and sad.

They needn’t feel this way at all, yet it is the only way that they may know how to express themselves, or it is the only way they think shall be effective.

Instead of protesting over the desecration of virtues, they put on grand display how needy and immature they truly are; along with how little they understand. Its a miserable way to exist and co-exist.

Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28, WEB

In their cries for acceptance, they have forgotten the most important thing that supports them, and maybe their causes. The fail to accept themselves.

“Oh! That requires us to be vulnerable!”

So what? It’s easier to be accepted in life if you are approachable and humble.

In this prideful attitude they fail to even be unique under the sun. For many have gone before them just like them, and I pray that less shall after. I hope they return to humility, or come to it if they never rested in it before.

Such people (I am speaking in the general now) destroy memorials to history and beyond; even relationships that have been in their lives for years.

For what and why? We are as specks of dust in the cosmos. Where shall our shouts of rebellion and pride rise towards? Shall the Angels hear those sonic expressions of angst as they sit on the stars given to them by the Father, upon their thrones held in humble remembrance of their maker?

God forbid.

I pray they wake up before they hit the wall too hard.

“Oh! We don’t care what people think! If they were there so long and faithfully with us they will be okay with our self-expression!”


The reason there is something called the “silent majority” is because most people just want to be at peace with each other, and be on good terms. For even when it is right to raise one’s voice… seldom does it feel good for the one doing it, let alone the one receiving it.

Strife does not illuminate transcendent purpose, nor does it bring it. It does reveal its own true nature through its properties, however.

Make no mistake. I am not saying that being silent is the way to go, especially when there are real issues to be dealt with. Silence is not peace. Silence can show strife as well. For where children should be laughing and they are not… it is quite a telling thing.

My point is this. If people chose the path of destruction because of underlying issues of the heart or mind, and they want to rebel when they have no clue how lucky they are in the scheme of history….

All that will result is destruction.

On the other hand, if people choose the path of creation and reform; choosing instead to press towards noble goals with noble means.

They will have a better result from that.

In choosing to abandon faithful and good things for the ego boosting jolt that comes from rebellion… I must ask, what is the result of it? Does it bring change?

Yes, but exactly like itself. Not to an end where the heart of the person, or nation, is better. Will there be pleasure? Yes. Will the pleasure be lasting? No. Not without someone truly and completely believing in their own lies.

There is a way which seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

Proverbs 14:12, WEB

We are at a time where there are more than human forces at work, and the results are seen clearly I feel. Will we hold the line, and have the Faith to stand firm for what we are impassioned with as being right and whole, or not? I pray so.

Where shall we find ourselves then? Right here. True and steadfast, if we stand in Faith and Truth.

But let him ask in faith, without any doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven by the wind and tossed.

James 1:6, WEB

As individuals, as a people, as a nation, and as a world… we must remember to center our hearts. We must return to balance, and we must learn again to not trust fear exclusively. We must return to the one who has always accepted us as sons and daughters, Christ Jesus.

I call heaven and earth to witness (for) you this day, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse: therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your children.

Deuteronomy 30:19, WEB

I pray that God is swift in his mercy, and I pray that people choose life and grace, rather than the path of pride and rebellion. I pray that we wake up as a nation, and that we wouldn’t be so blind to our blessings. That is my hope for now.

Thank you for your time.


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