The Small Voice


Look around you. What do you feel? Here… in this present moment. What are you observing? Are you observing yourself? Frankly, it can be quite strange when you realize that you can think of yourself outside your own body, and your own head.

In that place in this moment what do you hear? What tones do you sense reverberating in your spirit? Sonic or otherwise? They may not even have words audible to you. You just somehow know that they are vibrating out of the depths of your soul – as you walk among the lights of the day and of the night.

Do you feel the tones coming from a place of peace? Or from a place of war? Now… if you will — I would like you to focus on the loudest one. What is screaming inside your soul right now for you attention? Make a note of it.

Now… Focus on the quietest one. What does it feel like? Can you notice it above all the racket and hustle bustle of your soul? Or is it so quiet that is it more like a whisper behind a whisper? Even though you can barely hear it… it’s there. You can’t swat it away no matter how hard you try.

What would you say about that tone? That voice? I don’t know if all have it. I feel that they do. I also think that most ignore it, and consider the gentle pointers that it gives to be crazy, or totally blinking daft ninety-nine percent of the time. In me, however… no matter what storm passes it remains as a bulwark of hope. Even when I don’t want to hear its saturnine tune.

The testament to the power of that voice is that it remains through all storms. Though angels and demons battle about within the oceans of man’s consciousness – the still small voice cannot be drowned out by the clash of these titans’ thunderous encounters.

Everyone has had inner emotional battles like this where we weigh the very good, and absolute bad of something, or of some person. We have lost sleep in times like this, and sometimes we have even lost a piece of ourselves. Paradoxically and insanely – THE QUIET VOICE REMAINS! Why?

It is written in the scriptures “Let God be true, every man be a liar”. If the small voice is of God, of his ubiquitous heart within the fabric of the universe; of a grand heart that stretches throughout the eons of time, and weaves itself in the very fabric of the universe – He doesn’t have to SHOUT.

Maybe we should think twice about listening to any voice that shouts in order to assert its own truth, and to dominate our attention. For lies need a mega phone more often than not. If one in particular doesn’t — perhaps it goes by the dynamic where a million whispers equal a loud noise.

There have been times, at least in my own walk, that I know where the small voice got BIG, yet it never did in a mean way, nor has it in an angry way. The tone just changes in the sense of emphasis. It never has to flex its volume in an abrasive distorted fashion.

The main reason that the loud voices in our heads usually get the most run time (and re-run time), in my opinion, is due to the fear they instill in us. Fear is the universal emotion that greatly magnifies the smallest issue imaginable. For even when the issues we fear are justifiably circumspect to us, and we know that they practically distill down to a joke — they dominate. They shouldn’t take up our mind and happiness so much (we may say to ourselves), and yet they do.

Though fear is certainly ever present. We needn’t always bow to it. Yeah… easier said than done. Still, with training we can learn to act better in spite of it. It requires effort, even herculean effort sometimes, but we can learn. It does get easier over time – though it is never easy.

It isn’t comfortable in the short term to adjust to listening to the small voice in the midst of a blaring aberrant rock concert of fear. If you learn to trust it though. That rock concert starts to fade away. You will start to find your center, and you will start to find the tender heart of God manifesting in you.

In listening to that voice you stand with the prophets of old. You stand with Elijah in the desert hiding from the bloodthirsty Queen Jezebel. You stand with David in the cave as he hid from King Saul (more like King Saw). You stand with Jonah in the belly of the sea creature, and above all… you stand with Jesus Christ himself as he stood in the Garden, contemplating his fate; what he would suffer for all men, and the Voice of Victory within Him.

It is written,

And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering.

Romans 8:17, NLV

That quiet voice made the universe. That still quiet voice bears the tears of the slain throughout history. That voice was there in every war ever fought. It spoke in the midst of every atrocity ever committed. In spite of the sufferings the voice has endured — it remains steadfast and ever ready to be heard, and acted upon. To be our courage; to be our strength, and to forevermore be our eternal beacon of hope in the darkness of our own ignorance (purposeful or benign).

I pray you listen to the still small voice, and that you find that it is the voice of the omnipotent, and all-loving King of all. Christ Jesus within you.

Thank you for reading,


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  1. Debbie Fusco says:

    Thank you! Aaron, I so love your writing and how you put thoughts into their prospective.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aaron G says:

      Thank you! 🙂


  2. Blaine Keller says:

    If only I could always feel the Peace that your article contains. Very well said. Blessings to you.


    1. Aaron G says:

      Thank you!

      I wish that I could always feel it too. I’ve felt it at times, more often now than in the past.

      Though His peace is perfect and whole — it remains so that we are not. We walk the long walk in Him. We come to that peace in the process of walking with Him.

      In pressing circumstances I have been in He has overwhelmed me with His peace. Yet, IMHO, that is a gift when our hearts are right with him. It’s not a pill He gives in lieu of trust. He helps us trust Him by that peace. It meets us in resting faith. It meets us in present hope. And He always gives it in the great love he has for us all. =)



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