Archons and Authors

Throughout history, we have loved and we have fought. We have loved rightly, and wrongly. We have fought nobly, and mistakenly. Even with the best of intents… we have made some really bad choices.

In our collective search of reasons to feel strong, and to find strength… we have looked for people to inspire our courage against the unknown, and we have trusted in the silver tongues of men with the verbal acumen of an archangel.

And yet… when the “Angel of the Lord”, i.e. Jesus, was among us, our ancestors didn’t take too much note of him or of his words at first. In Isaiah it is written:

For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he has no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

Isaiah 53:2, AKJV

Here was the Son of God on the earth that He himself created, and here he was, sweating among us with sawdust (or stone dust) sticking to his brow in the hot Eastern sun. This man, this messenger, this… God — was and still is unique among the “gods” of the world. He is the God among us. He is Emmanuel.

And being God, he is the great AUTHOR of heaven, and of the earth. What is the style of this Author? Surely he didn’t come to be a king to be adorned and garnered with every pleasure, and fashion known to man — that is of common value to them. I feel that that is partly why we give him so little thought in some cases.

Yet when it comes to our gods and our rulers (Archons as the Greeks would say) they very often take on the nature of POWER. Raw, sheer charm and charisma strewn about all over the place for the throngs of the adoring to see. For they who like to pick the low hanging fruit that makes them feel somewhat more important among their peers, real or imagined. These are the Archons men serve. Very often, even when we profess personal faith in the God of Paul, John, and the Apostles… we serve these Archons on the side.

Yet Jesus cannot appeal to the fleshly aims and motivating factors of our vanity. He illustrates a different kind of strength than the type that our leaders embody. As the Archagos (forerunner in Greek), He illuminates a different kind of glory than the glory we commonly seek. His glory, though it is meek and gentle in nature, does not fade into the fad of time passing.

It is tender. It is grace itself. And the powers, and principalities of the human world, and of the unseen world often do not drink of the nature of HIS glory. They seek to gain the upper hand in strength by attracting us with THEIR own strength.

But what is their strength if they have no followers? What is their strength if they lose in a moment’s notice all of their wealth, health, and attributes that make them beings of renown? Practically nothing. We forget them because their strength is forgettable when it loses it’s novelty, or sexiness to us. It keeps us as long as it piques our interest.

There is quite literally only so much depth to one’s skin. There is only so much surface area, whether literal or metaphorical, that we can explore and be satisfied with… when the things that we are focusing on are only “skin deep”.

This is where I feel Jesus truly is the Archegos, the Forerunner and Author of the Faith. For he came at a time in history to show a different way, against the oft followed path where — in a nutshell — the main thing unifying masses of people was the strength one could seize in the NOW. The beauty that one could pluck from the tree of youth and hedonism was to be tasted and sequestered NOW! Forget about LATER. You only have NOW. The ends justify the means. Quite Roman at any rate.

Until you don’t. Until today becomes yesterday. Until it becomes the years pass while you are taking stock and wondering what the hell you did with your time, your lot, and your energy. If you are honest with yourself — you may wonder why you went after all the fun, all of the men or women, and all of the carnal joys of the moment; then you may realize that it has brought you nothing but a passing wisp of pleasure, and it has drained you dry — even when it promised to make you new, bold, and crisp to many.

For the Fallen Angels, both spirit and human — the strengths and pleasures of shallow carnality are their way of possessing the hearts and minds of humanity in the most subtle fashion (for what need does the Devil have for a hammer for when he can use the pen of a sensual scribe?) For the Messenger of Heaven himself, and the Angels of God — the strengths of virtue, humility, grace, love, and truth are what are valued above all. Even among mankind, these traits can last and garner respect. For even if one can see that you do what you do not to gain the praise of men, but to bless them and do something for a more noble cause (a better why per say) — that can have great power, and that can even be more eternal than anything you have ever thought could exist.

So here we are in this play among the Archons of the Nations, and their human proxies (so to speak) fighting against the kingdom of Christ; against his heavenly and earthly friends. The battleground? The heart. The ammo? What is to be valued and sought after. What shall last? That which is in the eternally good and pure heart of the Son. What shall fall? Every imagination and thought against the kingdom of the Son, which the Father has given unto him.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12, AKJV

What shall you seek, or follow? The Archons that can be seen in life, and easily followed, OR He that certainly can be seen, but not so easily followed? Narrow is the gate that leads to life for sure, but there needn’t be so few that find it. Go with the narrow path. I pray that you stand with the Archagos and the Author of Life. The Son of God… Jesus.


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